Solve the confusion alone?


That's great!


Jiang Xuening's heart was beating wildly, and she said almost without thinking: “Don't thank me, Mr.! Since there is no doubt about the losers, Xiao Xuening has no doubts.
It is presumptuous to disturb Mr.!”


Xie Wei still looked at her: “Is it really not necessary?”


Jiang Xuening quickly showed a forced smile, and stumbled: “No, no, really no need.”


Xie Wei then withdrew his gaze lightly, and said: “Since everyone has no doubts, today's school examination will come to an end.
I only hope that the ladies who have no chance to study with His Royal Highness can continue to study with the school after returning home.” , concentrate on studying; those who are fortunate enough to stay to accompany Her Royal Highness the Princess, after today, you can pack up and go back home to prepare for two days.
Arrange the homework for the next six months for Her Royal Highness and all of you to study with me.
From now on, you will be equal to our teachers and students.
I hope you will not relax.
If you have this opportunity, you should also get something in half a year.


No chance to leave behind a dark sigh;


Those who remained were all slightly trembling in their hearts.


Everyone bowed: “Yes, sir.”


This time they all retreated from the palace.


Twelve people participated in the school examination, and finally eight people remained: led by Xiao Shu, Chen Shuyi, Yao Xi, Zhou Baoying, Fang Miao, You Yue, Yao Rongrong, and Jiang Xuening.


Except for Jiang Xuening's sad face, everyone else was more or less happy.


Zhou Baoying is a little girl, she can't help it when she is happy, she just walked out of Fengchen Hall, she danced with her arms and legs: “Oh my God, I passed it! And Mr.
Xie is not as serious as Daddy said at all! He has a nice voice I thought it would be very hard to study with the palace, isn’t this pretty good? It’s all my father’s scaring me!”


Jiang Xuening thought to herself, that was when you had never seen him serious, it would be light to scare people to death.


Fang Miao walked to Jiang Xuening's side very naturally, took her arm affectionately, and looked at her like a benefactor: “Miss Jiang Er is really a good person! I saw the test paper that was handed out earlier.
I just wanted to hug you and kiss you, and I passed all the books you asked me to read this morning! If Miss Jiang Er didn’t point me out, I would have been dethroned today!”


Yao Rongrong also barely survived.


Hearing Fang Miao's words, she also lowered her head, and said timidly, “Yes, thank you very much, Sister Jiang, it's as if she knew what the exam was going to be beforehand, and her guess was too accurate.”


Everyone didn't feel anything when they heard Fang Miao's words, but when they heard Yao Rongrong's words, their hearts suddenly became more subtle.


Xiao Shu walked in front, and suddenly looked back at Yao Rongrong.


Jiang Xuening's pupils also shrank slightly: for the first time, she thought seriously, is it true that Yao Rongrong was born unable to speak, or did she do it on purpose?


She looked at Yao Rongrong, but the other party was still weak and cowardly, not even daring to raise her eyes very high, which made people feel shy and pitiful.


Fang Miao also frowned, and said, “Why are you so speechless?”


Yao Rongrong flinched again.


Fang Miao couldn't say anything about her, so she held her breath inexplicably and couldn't get it out of her chest, so she turned her head to Jiang Xuening and said, “But Miss Jiang Er is also really amazing.
Most of us are the first time to get so close to Mr.
Xie.” Well, you still have the courage to stand up and want to check the papers with Mr.
Xie, I was so scared to death at that time! I thought, what if Mr.
Xie punishes you?”


Listening to what she said, Jiang Xuening thought that she had found a rare partner.


I didn't expect–


Fang Miao changed the subject in the next sentence, and said with a smile on her face: “Mr.
Xie is really good-tempered.
He didn't mean to pursue you at all.
He was just amiable.
He even said that he wanted to solve your doubts alone.
He is really a gentleman.
Can you meet me?” To find such a gentleman, we are so lucky!”


Jiang Xuening: “…”


All the words that have not yet come out are blocked in the throat.


Chen Shuyi, who seldom spoke before, also rarely expressed her agreement, and echoed softly: “My father said that Mr.
Xie can't find fault in his life, but he is never sloppy in his studies.
After entering the palace, he only needs to take his studies seriously.
Presumably, Mr.
Xie would never intentionally embarrass anyone, he is an excellent gentleman, and he also said, if I can learn a little bit, it would be worth my hard work to enter the palace.”


Hearing her words, Jiang Xuening suddenly realized a predicament that he had never expected before: that is, Xie Wei at this moment has nothing to do with the word “rebel” at all, and he has not exposed himself On the decisive side of killing, he did not show his fangs of hatred to the Xiao family or the royal family.
In the eyes of everyone, he is an impeccable wise man, a saint with prudent morality; only himself, wholeheartedly thinks that this is a bad person, so no one can understand how guarded and jealous she is towards Xie Wei , even fear.


The scene of Xie Wei promising the assassin that “I will never hurt your life” is still vivid in my mind.
But as soon as the assassin showed his head, the arrow pierced through his head mercilessly!


But Xie Wei was calm about this.


It was as if he had not made any promises to the assassin before.


Such a scheming and deceitful person is going to become her husband very soon even though he already has doubts about her! The imperial palace is an environment where people can easily be blamed.
How can she get out of this dead situation?


Just thinking about it like this made Jiang Xuening feel cold all over.


As she walked, her footsteps stopped.


Fang Miao and the others were talking about what they should prepare to enter the palace after leaving the palace this time, and they were about to ask Jiang Xuening what to bring for fun, but when they turned around and found that there was no one there, they were surprised: “Hey, Miss Jiang?”


Jiang Xuening stood under the high palace wall, unexpectedly motionless.


Fang Miao took a closer look, only to find that her expression was changing, as if she was in the midst of a battle between heaven and man, she was about to make a very difficult decision, she couldn't help being startled: “Are you alright?”


Jiang Xuening straightened her lips, then suddenly raised her head and said, “I'm going back to find Mr.


Fang Miao's eyes widened: “Go back and find Mr.


Jiang Xuening took her hand, and said solemnly: “If I haven't returned to Yang Zhizhai after two quarters, I would like to ask Miss Fang to come to Fengchen Hall to save me!”


Fang Miao was completely confused, and just wanted to say, “If you go back to find Mr.
Xie, you will encounter any danger and need me to 'rescue'”, but after Jiang Xuening finished this sentence, she immediately let go of her hand, and turned around resolutely.
He lifted the corner of his skirt and walked back quickly!


After a while, he went around the palace wall again and entered Fengchen Palace.


At this time Xie Wei was reading the answer sheet on the case, had a few words with the other three gentlemen, and was about to go to the side hall, but when he looked up, he saw the figure reappearing in front of the hall door.


Several gentlemen also saw it, they couldn't help being startled, and looked at Xie Wei hesitantly: “Master Xie?”


Xie Wei didn't expect Jiang Xuening to dare to go and come back.


He smiled at the others, and said: “I will stay and deal with it, and the elders will leave first.
It will not be too late for me to discuss the content of the lecture when I arrive at the Imperial Academy tomorrow.”


The gentlemen didn't really want to get involved in the matter of teaching the princess to read, and they didn't read Jiang Xuening's answer papers.
They just thought that the female student was going to complain about some deposed companion, and it was too late to hide, so she listened to Xie Wei.
After saying that, they all said their farewell and went out from the hall.


Xie Wei waved his hand, and the palace people also retreated.


There were still many people in the Fengchen Hall before, and it was suddenly deserted.


Xie Wei's figure in Taoist robes showed a bit of unearthly clarity in the semi-dark light of the hall, with a calm face, he said: “I'm afraid the second girl Ning wants to ask someone else's answer sheet, but the answer sheet.” Your own answer sheet?”


Jiang Xuening was afraid for a long time, and there was an evil fire in her heart.


The matter of entering the palace was beyond her expectations from the very beginning.


First, Yan Lin stepped in and forced Shen Zhiyi to submit her name; later, Shen Zhiyi went to settle the matter with the Ministry of Rites, allowing her to be selected as a companion to the palace, and also explained that the female officials in the palace would not agree with her.
She is in trouble.


When it came to Xie Wei, she thought there should be a turning point.


After all, among other things, this person is famous for his rigorous scholarship.


But she never expected that Xie Wei let her pass such an ignorant and deviant answer sheet as if she had opened her eyes!


Where did Xie's scholarly ethics go? !


The experience of this life is gradually overlapping with that of the previous life, and the anger that she feels that she can't change anything gradually overwhelms her fear of Xie Wei, and it also makes her feel a little questioning in this extreme embarrassment.


At the moment, Jiang Xuening stood in the hall without taking a step back, and said coldly, almost in a questioning manner: “Everyone in the world thanks Mr.
for his sage legacy.
He is rigorous in his studies.
Apart from Aiqin, he loves books.
But today Xue Ning knows that he is knowledgeable.” Superficial, and the answer sheet is nothing more than random writing.
How can I answer better than me and leave, and I, who is a mess, can stay instead?”


Xie Wei smiled lightly: “Miss Ning Er stopped pretending.”


Jiang Xuening did not speak.


Xie Wei only took out her answer sheet from the pile of answer sheets on the desk, held it on her fingertips, shook it, and then read: “The Master said: Innate virtue is born to you, and you are as good as you are.” Why? Please use the word 'de' to make an argument.
Miss Ning wrote in the answer sheet that the sage Kong had nothing to do with De and Huan s.
Escaping is because the sage Confucius and his disciples ran quickly when they saw the opportunity; this is a matter that has nothing to do with “virtue” and cannot be argued.
Also, who said that Huan can't be like the sage Confucius? Beheading, car cracking, cannon fire, some are There is a way to cure him.
Either wash the Sage Confucius, sprinkle salt, put it in a steamer, and wait for it to soften; or marinate the Sage Confucius, put it in an oil pan, and fry it until golden…”


He has a very nice voice.


It's just that the more pleasant it sounds, the more chills you get when he reads these words calmly.




Jiang Xuening suddenly felt that the courage to die that had just emerged began to fade in her body.


Xie Wei had never taught such a difficult “student”.
After reading, he raised his head and stared at her: “I have been reading sage books for many years, but I didn't know that the sage Confucius did these eighteen things.
Why doesn't Miss Ning Even eating raw ingredients is included? You may not have learned anything from reading, but you actually have a lot of experience in cooking.”


This statement is clearly a bit sarcastic.


Jiang Xuening was not happy to hear it, and subconsciously retorted: “The way of cooking, in front of Mr.
Xie, how dare you teach me—”


With the word “axe” stuck in her throat, she suddenly felt a chill rushing up from her feet, crawling along her spine to the back of her neck, causing her to shiver!




This should not be mentioned!




Xie Wei's slender fingers pinching the answer sheet were tense for a moment, and the bent lines seemed to be filled with some kind of undercurrent that was about to explode.


But it only took a moment to relax.


He slowly put the answer sheet back flat, only slightly curled the corners of his lips, and said softly: “I thought Miss Ning Er had forgotten what happened four years ago, but I didn't expect that she still remembered it.”


Jiang Xuening was trembling all over, and wanted to run, but reason controlled her, making her feet firmly nailed to the ground, and she couldn't even move.
She tried to calm down and said, “Xue Ning was rude, talking nonsense for a while, Forgive me, Mr.
Today Xiao Ning came here, and he really only wanted to ask about the answer sheet, so I would like to ask Mr.
Xie to explain why.”


Xie Wei said very politely: “Miss Ning's answer sheet does look different from ordinary people, her thinking is quite out of the ordinary, and she is unconstrained.
If other gentlemen see it, she must not let the second girl pass.
But Xie is not talented.
I found that the second girl Ning also read a lot of books.
The sentence “every man sees humiliation” comes from “Liuhou Lun”, and “every man's blood splashes five steps in one anger” comes from “Warring States Policy”.
Ordinary girls in the boudoir do not read such If you dare to say that Confucius is talking nonsense, it turns out that Miss Ning is not bad at talking nonsense.”


Jiang Xuening's heart was half cold.


Xie Wei read the stack of answer sheets again, and said: “Although it is said that rotten wood cannot be carved, but since Xie is a teacher, he has to carve it in to know whether there is a piece of gold or jade hidden in it.
What does Miss Ning think?”


After Jiang Xuening became a queen in her previous life, especially during the time she was fighting with Xiao Shu, she did read a lot of books seriously, fearing that if she failed to plan, she would be pulled down from the queen's throne.


Even in those years when I accompanied you in the palace, I never worked so hard.


People are used to what they know, so they don't feel that there is any difference in some of the words that are often talked about, so when they answer the question paper, they will use it as an argument without defense to refute the saint's words.


As everyone knows, as Xie Wei said, who in the family of ordinary daughters reads this? !


Her eyes flickered for a moment, racking her brains to find a suitable excuse for herself.


But he didn't want Xie Wei to walk down from the hall with the answer sheet in his hands.


When he reached her side, he stopped for a while, and said: “You are thinking now, what kind of reason should you find to persuade Xie to not let you pass this answer sheet, so that you can escape from the accompanying study and leave the palace to go home Is it?”


Seeing him approaching, Jiang Xuening couldn't help but take a half step back.


But Xie Wei laughed: “If that's the case, there's really no need to waste any energy on Xie's side.
First, your father asked Xie to take care of the second girl Ning in the palace a few days ago; second, Prince Yan Yesterday when I came to the central government, I copied a copy of the test paper, and I also asked Xie Haosheng to teach the second girl Ning; the third, as the ancients said, the kindness of a drop of water is repaid by the spring…”


Jiang Xuening subconsciously looked up at him.


Another bad feeling.


Xie Wei's brows were calm, he was dressed in a green shirt, and there was a majestic mountain, and he said: “It's been a few days since the second girl Ning was selected as a companion, haven't you heard of it? The selection of the palace companion list, although It is submitted by each family and selected by the Ministry of Rites, but the list determined by the Ministry of Rites will finally be handed over to Xie for review and decision before it can be issued.
That is to say, your name has already been ticked off by Xie gone.”


If he disagrees…


Anyone's name can be crossed off the list!


These words fell like thunder, and instantly stunned Jiang Xuening.
There is still a copy of Xie Wei!


So the previous doubt of “who is going to get me into the palace” was completely answered, and she had a realization that was almost collapsed——


It turned out that it was not “who wants to fuck me”, but “whoever wants to fuck me”.


Jiang Xuening's whole head became a mess for a moment.


She wants to curse.


Xie Wei looked at her quietly, his eyes flashed a little thought, and he suddenly smiled: “You are so unwilling to enter the palace to study with me, because you are afraid that I will kill you to silence you?”

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