Chapter 002 Yan Lin (Repair)

Eighteen and a half years old.

But neither when it all started, nor after it, all happened.

At the age of fourteen, she returned to Beijing and began to disguise herself as a man.
She pretended to be the distant cousin of Jiang Shilang's mansion in Beijing and followed Yan Lin to play wildly in Beijing.
The princess accompanied the reading; in November of the same year, an accident occurred in the House of Yongyi.

Jiang Xuening remembered in a trance that when she was really young, Yan was there.

With Yanlin, she is not afraid of anything.

The young man was born in the gate, and he spent a period of time in the frontier fortress.
He had a high-spirited spirit that most men in the capital did not have.

If there is no accident, you should marry her and go home.

It was only this year that she followed Yan Lin and unexpectedly met Shen Jie, the king of Linzi who came to look for Yan Lin.

At that time, she didn't know Shen Jie's identity.

But when Yan Lin saw this gentle and elegant young man in Chinese clothes, the first sentence he blurted out was: “Why did you come out?”

What is Yanlin's identity?

In the Yongyihou mansion, which is comparable to the Xiao family, the prince who was hand-picked by the saint early was very popular in the palace.
Wherever he went, others would respectfully call him “Little Marquis”.

There are not many people who can let him use the word “you”.

Jiang Xuening, who always wanted to be the queen in the last life, secretly became interested, and after paying attention to inquiries, he found out that Shen Jie was the king of Linzi, and that there was no son in the sage of Beijing, so he wanted to make Shen Jie the emperor's younger brother.

So the unintentional contact turned into an intentional approach.

Later, there was an accident in Yongyi Hou's mansion, and she married Shen Jie as she wished.

Within two years, the Sage passed away due to illness and passed the throne to Shen Jie, who also became the queen.

It's just that although Shen Jie grew up in the court, he is different from his other brothers.
He is too kind to be gentle, and his temperament is too mild to be cowardly.
Although he has the skills, he can't bear to show them to others, so much so that he even goes up and down the court.
The civil and military officials couldn't hold back, and the newly-appointed Prince Taishi Xie Wei always needed to handle and deal with him.

In the end, it was poisoned.

Jiang Xuening had been under house arrest by Yan Lin at that time, and he could not even see him for the last time.

A person who is too kind can't be a king.

This was the only revelation Jiang Xuening could get from Shen Jie's tragedy in his last life.

Now, she happened to be reborn when she had just met Shen Jie, fortunately, it was not deeply involved.

Don't enter the palace again in this life.

Kunning Palace is her tomb.

A simply furnished room is elegant.

In the cool air of early autumn, there was still the smell of last night's alcohol, which had become lighter.

Outside the closed window, there was a faint sound of the noisy market in the distance.

Yan Lin still held a sword in his hand.
Although he was the size of a young man, he could already see the clear curve of his waist and back.
He pursed the corners of his mouth, and when there was no smile on his face, he was already a bit attractive.

He ignored Shen Jie for the time being.

He just turned his head and lowered his brows, unable to remove the cold air from the corners of his brows, and only asked in a cold voice, “Which hand did he touch you?”

Jiang Xuening finally came back to her senses from the trance she suddenly realized that she was reborn.
The young man's bright eyebrows and eyes were close to her, not yet soaked in the pain of the Yan family's suffering, nor was it eroded by the darkness of the palace's heavy battles.

Clean, bright, and dazzling.

Like a scorching sun hanging from the sky.

Just this question…

As soon as she answered, he was about to chop off Shen Jie's claws.

Jiang Xuening was sweating coldly on her forehead, and quickly put his arm around him: “No, no, nothing! A misunderstanding.
I just blamed myself for having a nightmare, and it was a nightmare.
When I opened my eyes, I didn't understand the situation, and I thought it was Mr.
Bad guy, only beat him in panic.
Put down your sword and hurt people carefully!”

Yan Lin frowned: “Really?”

Hearing Jiang Xuening's remarks, Shen Jie secretly thought that he was unlucky.

But after all, Young Master Jiang is a friend of Yan Lin, and although his status and status are very different from his, can he care about others just because of this slap?

Really lost the gentleman's demeanor.

It's just that Yan Lin didn't quite believe it, which made him wonder whether to laugh or cry: “Can you still believe my character? Don't say that I didn't mean to offend, it's really offensive, can you really cut my hand off? Can't it?”

He is the king of Linzi.

Heavenly noble.

But unexpectedly, Yan Lin looked at him quietly for a moment, then neatly retracted the sword and sheathed it, but said firmly, “I will.”

Shen Jie's eyelids jumped, and he immediately raised his eyes to look at him.

Yan Lin had already turned to look at Jiang Xuening, and the cold voice was softer as if the accumulated snow and ice suddenly melted: “Are you okay? I drank a lot last night while I was not paying attention.
I Take you home?”

When Jiang Xuening heard the word “I will”, he couldn't restrain himself from thinking of his previous life: Yan Lin voted for Xie Wei after he returned to court, and together with Xie Wei, he evaded Shen Jie.
Soon after, Shen Jie was poisoned.

In her previous life, she felt that most of it were done by Xie Wei.

But now I feel that it may not be Yan Lin's work.

When she was young, she regarded this kind of intention as ordinary, but now that she was reborn, she realized how precious it was.

The sincerity of the young man is not very good at concealing it.
If he likes it, he should protect it by his side.
If he cares, he must show it all.
He can't wait to hold it in his hand all the time.

It's a pity she doesn't deserve such love.

Jiang Xuening stared at him blankly, forgetting to speak for a while.

Shen Jie felt a little subtle and suddenly said: “Mr.
Xie is going to speak at the Wenhua Hall today, and we are going too.
It's this time, Yan Lin, shouldn't you enter the palace with me?”

Jiang Xuening only reacted at this time.

Of course, she was going home.

But when he came back suddenly, his mind was in a mess, still to be sorted out, but he didn't want to be sent back to the mansion by Yan Lin, so he said, “Of course, things in the palace can't be delayed, Yan Lin, I want to go back by myself today.”

Back then, her temperament was notoriously spoiled

Half of it was because her father Jiang Shilang was ashamed and didn't dare to care about her daughter who was brought back to Beijing; the other half was because Yan Lin was used to it.

So she wants to go back by herself, but she doesn't need a reason at all.

Sure enough, Yan Lin didn't really ask why, as if he was already accustomed to her waywardness and pampering, anyway, it was Ning Ning that he placed on the top of his heart, so he just said: “Then I will call Qing Feng to follow you from afar.

 Qing Feng is one of his two personal followers.

  Jiang Xuening knew that although he had the heart of rejection, he looked at his expression and suppressed the thought for the time being, and nodded obediently.

  The more Shen Jie looked, the more he felt that something was wrong with these two.

  He is a naturally good-natured man, not easily irritable.

  In all fairness, a look is also very good.

  When You Qi smiled, his eyes were slightly bent, and he was as refined and gentle as a piece of jade.

  After Jiang Xuening married him, she never quarreled once.

  The reason is very simple.
First, Shen Jie has a good temper.
Second, he doesn't really like her.
Third, she doesn't like him either.
She just likes that position, so nothing else can affect her heart.

  In the eyes of the uninformed, it can be regarded as “the case is raised, the emperor and the queen are in harmony”, right?

  She was rude at first, Jiang Xuening looked at him apologetically: “I was the one who offended me, but I actually hurt Young Master Shen, please don't blame Young Master Shen, there will be a drink in the future, and I apologize to you.

  To be slapped for nothing, it would be a lie to say that you are not angry.

  And Yan Lin is still very domineering.

  But when Jiang Xuening said this, his voice was soft, and the eyes looking at him seemed to have been dipped in spring water.
A slender young man, his face was like powdered powder, his lips were red and his teeth were white.
Sophistication is an androgynous beauty.

  Shen Jie didn't know why, but he couldn't get angry all of a sudden.

  He has never liked to make things difficult for others, so he smiled and said, “Your hand is not too heavy.
But since you say that, then I'll be welcome and wait for Young Master Jiang to invite you to drink another day.”

  Yan Lin suddenly wanted to beat this guy.

  With a cold face, he only explained a few words to Qing Feng before tidying up and leaving the inn with Shen Jie first.


  On the way back to the palace, Shen Jie recalled various details in the previous inn, and always felt that something was not right, especially when Yan Lin was defending the young master of the Jiang family, drawing his sword and pressing it on his neck.

Thinking about it again, that young man was slender, and his appearance was outstanding…

  Shen Jie frowned slightly, feeling that he was infatuated with how old Yanlin was, and he should still be reminded of something, so he lifted the curtain of the car and said, “Cough, Yanlin, although some literati in Beijing are quite masculine, then The young master of Jiang’s family is really good-looking, but you are the heir of Yongyi Hou’s mansion, and you will get married in the future…”

  Shen Jie was riding in a carriage.

  Yan Lin rode a horse and ran alongside the carriage.

  Ma Jun is even more handsome.

  But when he heard his words, his face turned dark: “His Royal Highness, I don't love men.”

  This time, it was Shen Jie's turn to look at him suspiciously: “Then what are you doing to that young master of the Jiang family?”

  ”She's not the young master of the Jiang family.”

  Yan Lin also remembered what happened just now, especially Jiang Xuening looking at Shen Jie just now, which made him feel uncomfortable.

  A little thought flashed through the dark eyes.

  The young man with his thoughts suddenly said to Shen Jie next to him, “She is the second girl of the Jiang family.”

  ”Pfft! Cough, cough…”

  Shen Jie, who had just picked up a cup of tea to drink in the carriage, choked, she couldn't believe what she heard!

  ”You, you actually—”

  Yan Lin didn't feel anything.

  The others were on horseback, and a dark robe made him look taller and taller.

  At this moment, I only said: “She loves prosperity and freedom, so I will take her out to play.
Your Highness treats me like a brother and a friend.
I told her identity today because I want His Highness to know that she is a daughter.
; In the future, when Your Highness finds out, it is better to be careful and avoid the shock of this morning.”

  Shen Jie nodded subconsciously.

  Just after nodding his head, he felt that something was wrong: “Isn't it you who should pay more attention to proportions? If the matter spreads, how can a girl's family get married?”

  The young man's sharp eyebrows showed a slight edge, and only smiled and said: “I will spoil it, and I will marry it.”

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