No normal person could stand Princess Leyang's blindfolded bragging that completely ignores the facts, let alone Jiang Xuening, who has a psychological shadow from a previous life.

Fortunately, this situation did not last long.
Shen Zhiyi had only been sitting here for a while, when someone from the palace came to look for her, saying that Empress Dowager asked her to come over and talk to relieve her boredom, so Shen Zhiyi had to go reluctantly.

  Before leaving, he took Jiang Xuening's hand and said, “Anyway, this princess likes you.
If there is anything in the palace these few days, even if you tell the maids in Yangzhizhai, they will come to report me.
My mother will find you there.
, I'm going right now, and I'll see you tomorrow.”

  Jiang Xuening breathed a sigh of relief and watched Shen Zhiyi leave.

  In the end, the day ended when she “reluctantly” completed the court etiquette with Su Shangyi, who was dedicated and patient –
no way.
It's really tiring to pretend, and Jiang Xuening recalled Shen Zhiyi's attitude on this matter, and even said “it doesn't matter if you can't learn it”, what's the point of her pretending?
If it doesn't work, it has to be replaced.
It's just that she couldn't let others see the clue, so she stayed up until it was getting late, and she seemed to be gradually taught by Su Shangyi, her movements began to become smooth, and she gradually met Su Shangyi's strict standards.

  In the end, Su Shangyi rarely showed a look of relief, only looked at her, then pointed at her and said to everyone: “It can be seen that it doesn't matter how bad the talent is.
There is a saying since ancient times, 'the stupid bird flies first' and 'diligence can make up for the clumsy', as long as you are willing to If you work hard, you can still overcome many difficult things in the world.
Miss Jiang Er has done a good job today, you should take her as a mirror.”
Jiang Xuening: “…”
Others are slandering from the bottom of their hearts.
Don't even enter the palace, but they said in unison, “Yes, thank Su Shangyi for pointing it out.”

  Su Shangyi then told them to disperse and left with the three female officials of the Shangyi Bureau.

  In this late autumn weather, Jiang Xuening was sweating all over.
When he saw people leaving, he was too lazy to say hello to anyone, and immediately went back to his room, asking the maid of Yang Zhizhai to prepare a fragrant soup for him to bathe.

  Others will lag behind.
Chen Shuyi, the young lady of Chen Yunjin's family, a cabinet scholar, and Yao Xi walked beside Xiao Shu.
After she glanced at Yao Xi, who was not sure what she was thinking, her eyes flashed slightly before she spoke to Xiao Shu indifferently, “Although I don't see much with the eldest princess, it's rare to see her being so nice to anyone.
This second girl from the Jiang family is just putting on makeup for her, how is it worth the princess to treat her like this?”

  Chen Shuyi didn't go to Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion, of course, she didn't know.
But Xiao Shu was there the whole time.
She was playing with a delicate incense fan in her hand, and she lowered her eyebrows and closed her eyes with a smile, not like Chen Shuyi's faint fear, but rather casual: “If you just put on makeup, of course, it won't be like this.
, what matters is what was said at the time.
Such words, Shuyi, you and I can never say in this life.”

  Chen Shuyi was thoughtful.


  Because it was the first time for everyone to gather together on such an occasion, and it was the first day that they entered the palace.
By the end of the evening, after everyone had finished washing up and eating, I didn’t know who got up, so they called out at Yangzhizhai to be alone.
Gathered in the flowing water pavilion for reading and drinking tea for everyone.

  Jiang Xuening had no interest at all.
You must know that this group of people didn't talk about any interesting topics in their last life.
They were all those fragrant powders, their heads, and it was nothing new to talk about the young and talented outside.

  But now everyone thinks she is amazing.
Who told her to have a big face on Princess Leyang's side?
Everyone can see the situation when learning etiquette today.
Although they all feel that her back door is too much, she is more friendly to her on the surface.
“At this point, but the words are very gentle, even when You Yue saw her, she put away her previous hostile eyes and squeezed a smile from her lips.

So she was pulled over by Fang Miao and other people.

  There were six or seven people sitting at a round table, and the rest were scattered on the Kang by the window, talking to each other, and occasionally picking up candied fruit and dried fruit prepared on the plate to eat.
Zhou Baoying even plunged into the food without looking up.
On the other hand, Xiao Shu seemed to treat Jiang Xuening differently.
When she saw her coming in, she nodded and said hello, smiling: “Jiang's sister has been in the limelight this day.”
Jiang Xuening was so tired that she could only laugh at the corners of her mouth.
, made an embarrassed look, as if he didn't know what to say, and only said, “Sister Xiao is joking.”

  Seeing that she never meant to talk to anyone, Xiao Shu didn't want to talk to her in-depth anymore, so she simply turned to talk to someone else.
Everyone couldn't help but complain about today's female officials.
That Yao Rongrong sat in the corner timidly, her face flushed red: “I haven't been taught these things in my family since I was a child, and I learn it too slowly.
Fortunately, there is a sister from the Jiang family, who is similar to me.
Otherwise, I don't know what to do today…”

  Everyone suffocated when they heard this.
Should I say this girl is stupid or really stupid?
You know this in your own heart, so why would you say it?

  The room was suddenly quiet for a moment.
You, Yue, nibbled on a melon seed.
Although she didn't dare to make it too obvious, her eyes showed interest in watching a play.

  Yao Rongrong also reacted for a while, only to realize that she had said the wrong thing, and remembered Jiang Xuening's face in front of the princess today, she suddenly shrank, and hurriedly apologized to Jiang Xuening: “I, what I said just now didn't mean that…”

  Jiang Xuening: “…”
She wasn't angry, she just felt pity for her.
She didn't have much interaction with Yao Rongrong in her last life, and she didn't intend to embarrass her, she just smiled casually: “It's okay, I was stupid, I really can't learn it well.
It's just that Su Shangyi is too responsible.
It's hard.”

  Fan Yilan was kind-hearted.
She had taken a book of poems from the bookshelf and flipped through it in her hand, but seeing Yao Rongrong's embarrassment, she interjected, “It seems that the etiquette in the palace is to be learned for two days? In the beginning, the palace said that we would stay for three days when we entered the palace for the first time.
I heard that the last day is to ask the gentlemen to give us questions to test us, to see how well everyone's knowledge is, so as to determine the content of future lectures Deep and shallow.
I just don't know, which gentleman will come to take the test at that time…”

  Who else could it be?
Xie Ju'an.
Jiang Xuening sneered in his heart.

  Sure enough, Chen Shuyi, who was very taciturn before, replied: “It should be the young master, Master Xie.
Now he presides over the lectures of the classics in the palace, and he is very knowledgeable.
This time, he will teach me and others to learn the piano.
, reading, the other gentlemen are the only ones who follow his lead.
When I entered the palace, my father warned me that this time entering the palace does not mean that I can read for the princess, in addition to learning etiquette, I also need to learn to live the gentlemen Guan.
It doesn't matter if it's too good.
If it's too bad, it's not easy to arrange lectures if you stay with the princess.
If you talk too deeply, you can't understand it, and if you talk too slowly, it will be a drag on Her Royal Highness.
Therefore, the examination school on the third day is also used for selection.
If it is not suitable at that time, it will also be persuaded by Mr.

  ——This is the second plan that Jiang Xuening is going to change.

  Because of the changes in Su Shangyi and the eldest princess Leyang, seeing that no matter how stupid she is, she can pass it even if she is lying on the ground, and naturally, there is no possibility of being persuaded to leave the palace because she cannot learn etiquette.
But Princess Leyang can't be sure of Xie Wei!
As long as she can break through her own bottom line in the exam on the third day, hand in a blank paper, or write a blind pass, she will definitely anger Xie Wei or other gentlemen who never lower their requirements in this regard, then she is persuaded to return to the palace because of poor knowledge, that is, It's a done deal.

  As soon as Xie Wei was mentioned, the young ladies from the aristocratic family suddenly became a little excited.

  One said, “It's not really Mr.
Xie who
came in person, right?” You Yue jokingly said, “Why are you blushing?”

Then he spat at her, covered her face, and said, “If you've seen it someday, you'll be fine.
You'll blush!”

  Yao Rongrong answered timidly: “I also heard my father mention Mr.
Xie many times at home, but they all said that Mr.
Xie will come and stand in four years, but he has always been alone and does not talk about marriage.
, but it's really weird.”
Fang Miao raised her head immediately: “What's so weird about this?”
Yao Rongrong gave a soft “ah”.
Fang Miao lowered her head again and went to the few copper plates on the table, as if she wanted to count something, only said: “Everyone in Beijing knows that although Mr.
Xie was born in a Confucian school, he has devoted himself to the study of Buddhism and Laos in recent years, and every year he has to spare two In the coming months, I go to Xuankong Temple and Sanqingguan to fast and temporarily stay, and I talk about scriptures and Taoism with others.

  Not close to women?
Mentioning this, Jiang Xuening couldn't help but think of the embarrassment of her previous life.
At this moment, all kinds of vicious thoughts popped up in my heart: How can you say that you are pure in heart and have few desires, but you don't even have a woman by your side in a high-ranking position, and you can't keep it together!

  The crowd was joking and laughing.
Suddenly, a little palace maid bowed outside the door and called Jiang Xuening softly: “Miss Jiang, someone is looking for it.”
Jiang Xuening raised his eyebrows and asked subconsciously, “Who is it?”

  The little palace maid blinked and looked at her without speaking.

  Jiang Xuening remembered what happened in the previous life and suddenly understood in his heart.
He didn't ask anymore, and just said to the others, “Excuse me, I'll go out and have a look.”
Then he followed the little palace maid and walked out of Yangzhizhai.
All the way to the direction of Wenhua Hall.
Seeing that he was about to reach the front, fortunately, he stopped at the fork in front of the road, and looked up again, Yan Lin was wearing a black robe, standing under the begonia waiting for her.

  The little palace maid quietly withdrew.

  Jiang Xuening stepped forward and said, “It's so late, you haven't returned from the palace yet?”
Yan Lin heard from Shen D that the eldest princess' companions were learning etiquette today, for fear that she would suffer some grievances.
I came to take a look, looked at her carefully at this moment, and said: “The key to the palace gate will not be released for a while, and I can't be relieved when you head back into the palace.
I also heard that Su Shangyi, who taught you today, was very strict, You still fell in front of the eldest princess.
Well, I went to the Tai Hospital to ask for medicine just now, remember to put it on at night, don't go to the palace and lame your legs.
I don't want such a bride.”
Unconsciously He said something about the children again.
Jiang Xuening's expression was as usual.
Yan Lin's cheeks were flushed, and he realized that he was Meng Lang again.
He couldn't help covering his lips and coughed to cover it up.
He changed the subject and said, “Are you still used to it today?”

  The medicine he asked for was packed in a small white porcelain bottle, Jiang Xuening held it in his hands, and looked up at the young man under the night, saying, “I'm used to it, and the eldest princess also takes good care of me, so you don't have to worry.

  Yan Lin had said this to Shen Zhiyi on purpose, so she felt relieved when she heard it.
There was a small smile on his lips, and this time he looked at her in a different way.
It's like grabbing the little tail of some stinking cat.
He only hurriedly said: “At the end of today's Wenhua Palace Day lecture, I met Lord Shilang.”

  This should be Jiang Boyou.
Jiang Xuening didn't understand what he meant and blinked at him.
Yan Lin raised his eyebrows and said, “He asked me, did he teach you some way to govern people a while ago so that you could use a copy of “Young Xue Qionglin” as a fake account book to complete the disobedient servants in the house.
I thought that I shouldn't be asked about it for no reason, and it didn't seem like a bad thing, so I accepted it.
But you know, I know, I didn't teach it.”

  Jiang Xuening lowered his eyes: “I knew you would lie for me, so I pushed it on you.”
Yan Lin smiled and scratched the bridge of her nose, and only asked, “Who taught that?”
Jiang Xuening said: ” I figured it out myself.”
Yan Lin stared at her and didn't speak for a while, his eyes flickered slightly under his dark eyes, but he finally reached out and touched her head, saying: ” My Ningning has a secret.”

Your Ningning has a secret.
It's just this secret that she would never dare tell you.

  Jiang Xuening only raised his eyes to look at him again, his eyes were black and white, as transparent and beautiful as glass beads, but he didn't speak.

  Yan Lin then said: “Then tell me when you want to tell someone one day, okay? I want to be the first person in the world to know Ning Ning's secret.”

  The young man looked at her with infinite tolerance.
Jiang Xuening was so soft-hearted for a moment.
However, what was tumbling in his memory was all the things he had when he walked into his bedroom with the smell of alcohol backward in the last life.
His fingers holding the white porcelain medicine bottle tightened slightly, but he nodded and said: “it is good.”

  Yan Lin was satisfied, and the little unpleasantness he had previously dissipated immediately, just looking at the time, it was not too early, and he was afraid that he would miss the time when the palace gate was released, so he reluctantly said: “You are all learning the rules these days, I am afraid that I still have to be tested by my husband, so I don’t want to come to you clearly.
Tomorrow is still at this time, see you here.
I’ll go and find out what you are going to take the test on the third day so that you can get some preparation, and I will give you when the time comes.

  Jiang Xuening was speechless.
She actually remembers a lot of what she took in the previous life, but it doesn't make any difference whether she knows it or not in this life, because she didn't plan to let herself pass it at all.
But she did not reject the boy's kindness at the moment.
Still said: “Okay.”


  The next day, people from the Shangyi Bureau came.
It's just that this time, the teaching is not simple etiquette, but the names of various people in the palace, and even the skills and techniques of mixing and making incense.
Everyone thought that Jiang Xuening today should be just as clumsy.
Unexpectedly, today's Jiang Xuening seems to have suddenly opened up.
He can learn everything and learn everything quickly!

  The names of various people in the palace can be recited just by repeating them three times;
the rules of walking in and out can be completely memorized by just watching the female official demonstrate them once;
let alone making incense.
Smell the incense, distinguish the incense, mix the incense, burn the incense, and turn it over with your hands.

  Yesterday, Su Shangyi, who was tormented by Jiang Xuening's learning etiquette, came here today without any hope.
She just thought that she had no choice but to listen to the eldest princess and forgive her so gently.
But who would have thought that this second girl Jiang would look like a different person!
Others may not notice it, but she stood in front of Jiang Xuening and saw it clearly: when Jiang Xuening picked up the ebony incense seal, he slightly raised his little finger, dipped the incense ash on the incense seal with an incense spoon, and then put it on the incense seal.
When hitting the paved ashes, it was impartial and upright.
This incense seal, just opened, is facing the front!

  On the other hand, looking at the others, although the movements were correct, most of the Xiang Zhuan that fell did not pay attention to the direction.

Some are upside down, some are crooked.
Although most incense makers do not pay attention to the incense seals that should be placed upright, the peony has always been the favorite item of the queen of every dynasty, so Su Shangyi will pay great attention when making incense seals.

  Unexpectedly, Jiang Xuening has such a sassy heart and can notice such tiny details…

  Su Shangyi suddenly couldn't help but look at her with a new look.
After she made the incense seal, she slowly said: “His Royal Highness, the eldest princess, has a good reason for you.
I think there are some people in this world who are born with four limbs.
Discord, even walking on the flat ground has to wrestle.
The second girl may be one of them.
But today am doing very well.
Especially the incense making, it should be the first.”

  Jiang Xuening was calm.
In the last life, she learned etiquette from Su Shangyi, and after being in the palace for so long, she would naturally be able to do better than others if she wanted to.
Not to mention making incense—
this was one of the few hobbies she had in her last life other than being a queen.

  It's just that she can't say that in front of Su Shangyi right now.
She only said: “My minister and daughter prefer this way, so I have studied it.
In front of Lord Shangyi today, it's a show-off.”
Su Shangyi was already looking at her with admiration…
Listening to her talk like this, I can only think that she is modest, and the tone of voice when speaking is very natural and gentle compared to yesterday's reluctance, saying: “Today, the girl has finished all that she should learn, and she is the first to complete it.
You can take a rest and take a look at others.”

  Others: “…”
They all say that feng shui turns around, so why can't it turn to them?

  Yesterday, Jiang Xuening was slow to learn, and Su Shangyi tolerated her in every possible way; today she is like a ghost and learns so fast, and Su Shangyi praised her in every possible way!
Now he actually sits aside to rest!
They simply wondered: How could they learn so fast, remember so well, and do so well?!

  Jiang Xuening was really impatient to deal with it today: since he knew that there was no way to let himself leave the palace in terms of etiquette, and pretending to do so would only be a pain for himself, it might as well be done in the fastest time.
Sit on the side to rest and save yourself from sweating.
She doesn't care what others think.
Who can open the eyes to guess that she is reborn? Just like Su Shangyi, she was just trying to find a reason why her limbs were not naturally coordinated, and she might have been too nervous yesterday.

  Yao Rongrong was the worst and slowest student except for Jiang Xuening yesterday.
She thought that Jiang Xuening would be scolded by her today, but she also felt that the two of them shared the same illness.
But in the blink of an eye, Jiang Xuening had finished sitting down.
However, she was still standing among the crowd, completely becoming the slowest and dumbest of them all.
She was at a loss for a while, and looked at Jiang Xuening with envy and surprise, secretly feeling a bit bitter…

  Shen Zhiyi thought that what she learned today would be more complicated, so she went to the Queen Mother's Shou'an Palace early to invite An to Yangzhizhai's side, but as soon as she walked in, she saw Jiang Xuening sitting on the side.
It was only when she asked that she realized that she had finished her studies.
Looking at her for a while, I felt a little moved in my heart, and I stepped forward and pulled Jiang Xuening's hand, and said with a smile: “I knew that Ningning would not be a stupid person, but it was done so quickly, and yesterday I worked so hard, It must be to keep me from being disappointed.
Ning Ning, you are so kind!”
Jiang Xuening: “…”
Now tell Shen Zhiyi that everything she does has nothing to do with her, will she be dragged down and beaten immediately? pause?
Jiang Xuening did not dare to take risks after all and acquiesced.

  At this time, she only sighed in her heart: fortunately, she has to take the school examination tomorrow, and she will be able to leave the palace if she fails the exam, otherwise, she will directly pray to God now that she will just drop Dao Lei and hack herself to death!

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