After saying this, Jiang Xuening didn't care what she looked like, turned around and left.

  Many times she couldn't tell what kind of feelings she had for Wan Niang.
But all the tragedies in her last life were ultimately related to Wan Niang.
It stands to reason that she should hate her.
But as long as she thought of the daughter she was thinking about, but she never asked her a question, she felt that Wan Niang was hateful and pitiful after all.

  In the last life, Jiang Xuening robbed Jiang Xuehui of her chance and her marriage, and squeezed herself into the palace to read for Shen Zhiyi; in this life, she clearly avoided the palace, but everyone He came to her as if he was in a hurry, and even the matter of entering the palace to read it fell on her head without her name being presented and was completely pushed into the palace behind the back.
Everything doesn't seem to be much different from her previous life.
This made her think uncontrollably: Can she really change anything after being reborn in this life? Or, just repeat the mistakes of the previous life.


  Early the next morning, before dawn, Jiang Xuening was served by the maids and got up.
After grooming, he said goodbye to his parents, took a little luggage, and got on the carriage.
Ministers enter and leave the palace through the Meridian Gate;
the female relatives in the palace or their companions who enter the palace like this all enter through the Zhenshun Gate in the northeast corner of the palace.

  Most of the selected companions are between seventeen and twenty, and they are the best age for young girls.
When Jiang Xuening arrived, some people had already arrived.
She seldom appeared in the gatherings of noble ladies of aristocratic families, and she was not familiar with them, but they were familiar with each other, standing near the palace gate and talking in a low voice.

  But as soon as the carriage of Jiang's house arrived, the chatter stopped.
Everyone turned to look at her.
There was more or less curiosity or fear in his eyes: the name of Jiang Mansion was Jiang Xuehui at the beginning, but then Jiang Xuening was chosen to be the companion of the palace.
This matter is not only known in Jiang's house but it has long been spread outside.
Girls from aristocratic families like them, who wouldn't pay attention to these?
No one else can grab the head.
This Jiang Xuening is good, sitting at home, without doing anything, the pie fell from the sky and hit her on the head.

It's really hard to calm down.

  Jiang Xuening just got off the carriage, and at a glance, he saw a few familiar faces: they were really all the people who read with him in the last life.

  A You Yue from the Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion.
At the Chongyang Banquet that day, Jiang Xuening did not give her face, which was regarded as a grudge.
At this moment, she was wearing a beautiful palace attire, with a dignified and virtuous face, but her eyes were looking at her with undisguised hostility and even a little bit of viciousness.

  Jiang Xuening thought that she must not come to her face to seek death, otherwise, her situation in this life when she entered the palace is much better than that in the previous life.

  Next to You Yue was Fan Yilan, the young lady of Fan Shang's calligrapher from the Ministry of Rites, who was named No.
1 in the poems at the Chongyang Banquet.
She was the most neatly dressed among all the people.
She didn't even wear one of her ears, and there was a look in her eyes.
Indifferent air.
Entering the palace doesn't seem to be something to be excited about for her.
Others looked at Jiang Xuening somewhat differently, but Fan Yilan just looked at it lightly, neither curious nor jealous.

  Jiang Xuening knew that this was the only one of the twelve people who entered the palace to read with him this time, who had no desire for glory and wealth and did not stay as a companion in the end.

  Next is Zhou Baoying, the third girl of the Dingyuan Hou family, who is the youngest of all, and is also the favorite of Dingyuan Hou.
There is a little baby fat on a small face, round, and a pair of big black grape-like eyes, very bright.
People stood in front of the palace gate and looked around, not at all afraid.
Bai Bai Nen Nen's hands were still holding a small oil-paper bag, and he kept taking out candied fruit to eat.
His cheeks moved like a small hamster, and he was staring at Jiang Xuening in a blink of an eye.

  This is a girl who can be swallowed by any snack.
But there is also a downside –
that is, anyone who gives her snacks can subdue her.
Probably because people are still young, ignorant, and have no principles at all.

  The rest are Yao Rongrong, Fang Miao, and four others.
The four Jiang Xuening looked at the students, but they were not impressed.
Because they seem to have poor etiquette and academic qualifications, they were returned by the female officials in the palace within a few days of entering the palace this time to learn the rules and become familiar with the palace environment.

  I still remember the first two.

  A Yao Rongrong, who was the lowest born among the people who entered the palace this time, was the daughter of Yao Duping, a servant in the Hanlin Academy.
The appearance of Xiaojiabiyu was a bit shabby compared to the other girls from all backgrounds.
When looking at people, he also lowered his eyebrows.
When she looked over, as soon as she met Jiang Xuening's gaze, she immediately retracted her gaze and did not dare to look at her again.

  Jiang Xuening remembered Yao Rongrong because she was the dumbest and the slowest to learn among all the people in her previous life.

  In the end, it is convenient.
A delicate face, clean; a pair of smart eyes, but a little too lively.
There is a small red mole on the tip of her eyebrows, which makes her look a little cute.
If you look closely, you will find that she is wearing a water blue shirt today.
Because September is metal among the five elements, the temperature of Shaoyin is moist and flowing, and it is born with water.
That's right, Fang Miao is the only daughter of the supervisor of the Qin Tianjian.
Since childhood, she has been immersed in the study of the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams while learning her father's observation of astronomical phenomena and solar terms.

  Whether it's accurate or not, Jiang Xuening doesn't know.
Anyway, in her last life, Fang Miao was very liked by other people because of her hobbies in this area.

  Jiang Xuening doesn't care how they look at her, because her plan in this life is very clear –
learn etiquette?
People can't wake up a person who pretends to be asleep, so no matter how good a female official is, it's impossible to teach a person who wants to stay away from the palace.

  She was too lazy to deal with these people.
So after getting off the bus, I didn't talk to them, just a short distance away, and stopped at the gate of the palace.

  The eunuch who was guarding the door glanced at her, then pinched his fingers to calculate, and said: “There are nine people, and there are still three people who are still missing, please wait for a while, the slave family will take you to the palace later.

  Then Yao Rongrong asked timidly, “Who hasn't come yet?”
Zhou Baoying lowered her head and tugged at the candied fruit in her oil-paper bag, pouted her lips, and replied casually, “The one who came last must be the Xiao family sister.
Sister Chen and Sister Yao are with her, so they will definitely come together.” The

other people's faces were slightly strange for a while.

  Zhou Baoying was the daughter of Hou's mansion, and she was close to Xiao Shu and others, and she had a simple mind, so she didn't feel anything wrong when she said such a thing.
But other people's rank is difficult to compare with theirs.
Now, most of the people are waiting here, but there are still people who haven't come.
Who doesn't think that the few who haven't come yet are too big?

  But just as he was talking, a carriage that looked quite luxurious drove towards Zhenshunmen from a distance and stopped in front of everyone.
The driver took the footrest from the car and put it down.
When the eunuch who had spoken to Jiang Xuening and others before saw the carriage, he hurried up to the carriage, put on a smile on his face, and bowed beside the carriage: “The eldest miss is here.”

  It was indeed Xiao Shu in the car.
She was wearing an apricot-yellow wide-sleeved fairy dress today, with a ring on her waist, she got out of the car with the hand handed over by the eunuch, and said with a smile, “Eunuch Huang came out to pick him up today, and the eldest princess didn't either.
Tell me.” Huang Renli followed with a smile: “His Royal Highness is very happy to know that many playmates will come this time.
Today, I sent the slaves to come, so it's good to have a look, and I will tell the princess when I go back.”
Everyone listened.
When he came out, this Huang Renli was the eunuch beside Princess Leyang, and she thought that she was very trusted by the Princess.
But such a eunuch also stepped forward to help Xiao Shu get off the bus.
The prominence of the Xiao family and the good relationship between Xiao Shu and the eldest princess can be seen.

  Xiao Shu was not alone in the car.
After she got out of the car, two more people got out of the car.

  Jiang Xuening raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw it.

  Chen Shuyi, the young lady of Chen Yunjin's family, a cabinet scholar, although she seldom entered the palace, was not very familiar with Princess Leyang, but her relationship with Xiao Shu was excellent.
Just because the two were born in the same capital.
Although his appearance is not as bright as Xiao Shu's, he is as his name suggests.
He has an air of elegance, and there is always a faint smile on his lips.
Just looking at her with a pair of eyes is quite thoughtful and calculated.
She is a restrained and cautious personality.

  The remaining one is interesting.

  He has almond eyes and eyebrows, a single bun, a pair of white jade earrings in the shape of a crescent moon on his ears, and a delicate jade lock on his chest.
She looks good, she looks good and she knows she's not ordinary.
Just when she got out of the car, the official lady frowned, feeling a little irritable, even a little gloomy, as if she had encountered something difficult and unpleasant.
Jiang Xuening was so impressed by her.
Yao Xi, daughter of the Minister of Officials Yao Taifu—

  She almost married Zhang Zhe as his wife, but regretted the marriage halfway through the marriage discussion, and even spread rumors that Zhang Zhe “kept his wife” all over the capital, and called her father in the court.
After a lot of suppression, Zhang Zhe's elderly mother, Feng Shi, became seriously ill.
As a result, after thousands of choices, she married Zhou Yinzhi.
From then on, he let his mother's family help Zhou Yinzhi, and he rose all the way.
Unexpectedly, just three years later, due to “difficult childbirth”, he died in the mansion of Zhou Yinzhi's wives and concubines.

  At this time, Yao Xi should be discussing it with Zhang Zhe, and worry about it.
After all, Zhang Zicai had a fight with Jin Yiwei.
It doesn't look like it has a good future.

  Jiang Xuening also didn't know why, although he knew that his last life was not a good thing, he really didn't have the means to do this the next time.
She looked up and down, left and right, just that Yao Xi was not very happy.
Abandoned Zhang Zhe and chose Zhou Yinzhi…
Really blinded these beautiful dog eyes!

  Her eyes were calm and deep, and she just stared at Yao Xi like that.
Yao Xicai got out of the car and was looking up at the others.
But accidentally bumped into Jiang Xuening's eyes, his eyes stopped, and he was stunned.

  Jiang Xuening pulled the corners of her lips and stood beside the crowd, showing her a bright smile, hiding her sharpness and sarcasm.
She seemed to be very fond of her, very friendly and nodded in greeting.
Yao Xi was at a loss.
But if a good-looking person like Jiang Xuening smiled at others, even a woman couldn't resist it.
Although she didn't know why, she couldn't help but subconsciously smiled.

  Jiang Xuening's face was pure and kind, but he sneered in his heart: Don't be a demon in this world, or this palace will definitely teach you to be a person!

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