Seeing that the two women woke up and turned around, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Only then did they feel that they were sweating profusely in this cool weather, and they couldn't help raising their sleeves to wipe their foreheads.

  But no one expected that You Fangyin, who had just woken up, suddenly had a ruthless look in her eyes.
  She struggled to break free from the two of them, and shouted loudly, “Help, help—”

  The old woman were startled, and quickly reached out to cover her mouth: “What are you calling?!”

  But it was too late.
  Although You Fangyin was weak now, these two voices seemed to use all the strength of her entire body to shout, and they echoed in this open and quiet place.

  Although the surroundings were quiet, there were also maids who took shortcuts.
  Hearing this voice and looking closer, it was You Fangyin who was paralyzed on the ground, misunderstood for a while, and before the woman could say anything, she screamed loudly: “No, no, someone fell into the water.
It's gone!”

  Those old women almost didn't give a green face.

  At this moment, the garden outside had already begun to admire chrysanthemums, and it was not far from here.
A large group of people came from Wuyangyang after a while, including the maids in the house and the guests who came to the banquet today.
  Yan Lin was talking to Shen Jie, but he didn't care when he heard that someone fell into the water.
  But when I inquired, it was said that a girl fell into the lotus pond, and when I recalled the direction Jiang Xuening was walking, I was startled.

  Fortunately, he and everyone were at the lotus pond when he came, and he was relieved to see that Jiang Xuening was standing by the lotus pond.
  On second thought, I feel that I care is messed up.
  But in the next moment, he became suspicious again.

  The shouting earlier had almost exhausted all of You Fangyin's strength, and after just two steps forward, he threw himself on the ground.
  Because of falling into the water before, all the clothes are soaked, and now they are all stuck to the body.
  On the opposite side of the pavilion and under the corridor, many people looked towards this side, pointing and whispering.

  Jiang Xuening's thoughts flew away for a long time, but when he came back to his senses, he could understand the reason for You Fangyin's actions-
  if the matter was not escalated, how could he know what would happen in the future?
  Even if he was secretly killed in vain, he didn't even know it.

  Everyone has been saved.
  It's too late to regret.

  Today, she was wearing a moon-white dress with a robe embroidered all over the ground covered with gold.
She took it off and put it on You Fangyin lightly.
The bustling crowd on the opposite side said, “What are you doing around here? Haven't you seen the old woman punishing the girl, and the slave bullying the master?”

  When this statement came out, everyone was stunned.
  The three rough women standing beside them stared at Jiang Xuening with their eyes wide open.

  Even You Fangyin was stunned.
  The robe that was still warm was placed on her body, and the young girl in front of her, after taking off the loose robe outside, was only wearing a long moon-white dress, which was around her waist.
He stood up straight and straight, with a little bit of coldness in his brows.
  Gorgeous like a plum in the snow, as cold as a cold pool of moon.
  Even the best words in the drama she listened to describe the beauty could not describe her.

  At this moment, even the tip of her nose became sour, and big tears rolled down her eyes one after another, but she was stupid and couldn't say half of the word “thank you”.

  Yan Lin, who was standing across from the pool, knew what was going on as soon as he heard it, his eyes swept across Jiang Xuening's thin and slender figure, and then looked at the aristocratic sons standing beside him, only to think that they were not looking at that.” The girl who fell into the water was clearly looking at her own Ningning.
  His brows furrowed deeply.
  Yan Lin lowered his face and immediately said: “Yes, a girl falls into the water, and a group of big men are around here, what are they saying? Hurry up, hurry up.”

  In any case, after all, this is a matter in the house of Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion, and the identity of the girl who fell into the water is unknown, so it is really not easy to stay.
  Although everyone was a little dissatisfied when they heard Yan Lin's words, they still murmured.

  Only Yan Lin was a few steps behind.
  Shen Jie looked at him.
  But he thought about it for a while, and actually took off his robe and handed it to Qingfeng, who was following him, and said impatiently: “Go to her, the cold weather is a girl who doesn't know what to do.
Don't freeze yourself.”

  Qing Feng said in his heart that you gave Jiang Er girl this dress, but I am afraid that people may not dare to wear it, but he is his own master, and he knows his temperament.
He took his robe and went to the opposite side of the lotus pond.
  When he arrived, he handed the clothes out.
  Tang'er turned to look at Jiang Xuening, not knowing whether to pick it up or not.

  Qing Feng sighed in his heart, and only said in a low voice: “If the second girl doesn't answer, take it back when she is younger, I'm afraid it won't be easy to explain…”
  Jiang Xuening glanced at him before saying to Tang'er, “Go on.

  Qing Feng breathed a sigh of relief: “Xie Er girl for pity.”

  Tang'er put the robe of Tianshui Bi and hung it on her arms, Qing Feng bowed to Jiang Xuening and stepped back.

  The onlookers have all dispersed.
  Only the servants of Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion were left nearby.
  Jiang Xuening saw that You Fangyin was soaked all over, the wind was strong outside, she shivered when it blew, and her whole face was devoid of any human presence, so she looked at the three old women and said, “Although the affairs of your uncle's house It's hard for outsiders to put their beak, but with such a heavy hand if it really kills someone's life, are you not afraid of losing Yinde?”

  The three old ladies had heard Jiang Xuening, an outsider, say nonsense, “The old lady punishes the girl, the slave bullies the master”, and they were almost angry, but in a blink of an eye, someone around Yan Xiaohou came to give her a gift.
Clothes, and thankful that they didn't go up and scold Jiang Xuening on the spur of the moment, otherwise they would offend someone who shouldn't have offended, and they would not be able to go back and eat.
  Listening to Jiang Xuening's training at this moment, all of them buried their heads and smirked, daring not to answer.
  Jiang Xuening didn't want to interfere too much with the affairs of Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion, and only said: “Send the person back to the room first.”

  ”Yes, yes.” The
  other masters in the manor were afraid that they would not know the news here, and would come after a while.
The actions of the three old women were all witnessed by Jiang Xuening.
They were both guilty and scared.
He stepped forward to help You Fangyin and walked towards the northeast direction of the hospital.

  Jiang Xuening hesitated for a while but actually followed.
  Tanger looked confused from behind.

  However, Jiang Xuening had a hard time describing what he was thinking at this moment: save people to the end, and send Buddha to the west.
No, she is not such a kind person.
Waiting for a miracle to happen? There are enough miracles that have happened to her, rebirth is one, and God will not be so kind to her.
  Maybe, just simply want to take a look at it.
  Look at the former You Fangyin, where did he live?

  Kuayuan is the place where the concubine and concubines who have no status and are not favored in the house live.
The Kuayuan in Qingyuan Uncle Mansion is really not very good.
It looks very simple.
it is good.
  After entering the door, it should be very simple.
  The bed, wooden screen, table and chairs, and the sewing basket of the king table still contain unfinished sewing work.
The surroundings look clean and well organized.

  There was only a little girl in the room who had just left her head.
She didn't know if she was serving You Fangyin.
Seeing so many people coming in, she was so frightened that she didn't even know what to do with her hands and feet.
  The old woman who was still in the lead scolded her before she knew how to bring tea and water and take a veil.

  Jiang Xuening glanced at her, but did not speak, but could not help but look at the room.
  But after all, You Fangyin never came.
  In this room, there are neither all kinds of casual miscellaneous books, wealthy Ayara, neither fashionable gadgets nor Western clocks…

  The illusory feeling she had when she rescued someone just now gradually dissipated, and it sank again, becoming real, and she couldn't tolerate any more hopes and fantasies.
  It was also the first time that she really turned her eyes to look at You Fangyin in this life.

  Because there were foreign guests, she couldn't go down to change her clothes, or maybe she panicked, so she only carefully took off the clothes that Jiang Xuening had put on her before, and asked the little girl to wrap a thin quilt around her.
, looked at her with a blue face.
  The facial features can only be considered delicate.
  Liu Mei, has almond eyes, and cherry lips, originally good-looking, but there is a lack of air between his eyebrows and eyes, like a wooden man carved by an unskilled craftsman on the street, dull and rigid.
  A mole under the left eye.
  This is what the elderly often talk about.

  She tried to find a shred of another You Fangyin's shadow on this face, but after looking at it, she found out: No, really no more.
There is no more You Fangyin from the previous life…

  You Fangyin had never seen such eyes before.
  The noble who saved her seemed to be looking for another person from her.
  There is a little sadness like weeping, and it seems to accept the reality, but break the dream.

  She couldn't help clenching her fingers, feeling that she should say something, but she opened her mouth and couldn't say a word.

  Jiang Xuening stood for a while, blinked, and said to the overwhelmed old ladies, “You go out.” The
  old ladies looked at each other.
  They were puzzled in their hearts, but did not dare to refute; even with the little girl, although they did not understand the situation, they did not dare to stay any longer, and they all retreated together.

  Only Jiang Xuening and You Fangyin were left in the room.

  You Fangyin finally opened her mouth slowly: “Thank you, thank you for saving your life…”
  Jiang Xuening stared at her, raised her finger, and lightly stroked this picture that she should be very familiar with, but now feels unfamiliar On her face, she brushed away a strand of hair from her cheek, and said in a dreamy voice, “I should be thankful.
In order to save you, I gave up the biggest support in my life…”
  You Fangyin was stunned.
  Jiang Xuening then laughed at himself and said to her: “I think you are someone who doesn't want to die.
Now that you have gone to the Palace of Kings of Hell for a while, what is there to be afraid of in the future? If you live your life as a person, you will not disgrace this skin.”

  Obviously, this is her body, she shouldn't say such biased words.
  But how can you hold back the loss in your heart?
  She considers herself an ordinary person.

  You Fangyin probably didn't understand what she was saying, she only knew that she was staring at her with those big eyes.
  Jiang Xuening looked more and more lost.
  It's too far.
  She wanted to say a lot, but suddenly she couldn't.
There are all kinds of things hidden in my heart, and I don't know what to talk about, and they all poured back into my stomach.

  ”Tang'er.” Jiang Xuening thought for a while, called out, and asked Tang'er to come in, “Did you bring any money? Give it to me.”

  Tang'er took out a purse and stuffed it with some silver bills, three hundred taels, five ten taels, and some silver coins.
  This is for the girl to buy things on her way back to the house.
  She glanced at Jiang Xuening, hesitated for a moment, and handed it out.

  Jiang Xuening opened it and glanced at it, then put it on the table, and said: “You and I are also lucky, you can take this money, go back and pack a good coffin for your aunt, so you can bury it.
As for the rest, keep it for yourself.
, live a good life.”

  You Fangyin didn't know how she knew about her aunt, her eyes turned red in an instant, and she burst into tears.
  It's just that the cry is silent.
  Like a fish on the shore, it opened its mouth wide and made no sound, but it made people feel more and more heart-wrenching.

  She never dared to cry.
  Zuo is just a dead concubine in the house, and he hanged himself…

  Jiang Xuening only felt that this place was depressed, and this You Fangyin really didn't have a word to say.
After sitting for a while, he got up and walked out.
  He just walked to the door and stopped again.
  She held the door frame with one hand, looked back at her, and said lightly: “In the morning three days later, there will be a businessman named Xu Wenyi outside the Dongshi Jiangsu and Zhejiang Association who sells a batch of raw silk.
Go negotiate the price and buy some.
After half a month, you can get three times the price.
If you save a little, it should be enough for you for a while.”

  Back then, You Fangyin's first pot of gold was not easy to come by, and even the money was borrowed from outside.
It's just that she dared to dare to think and dare to do it, and she made a profit.
This You Fangyin is like an elm knot, with a cowardly temperament, shallow knowledge, and a brain that doesn't seem to be able to turn around.
In the last life, You Fangyin's methods and vision, even though she can't learn, how can this You Fangyin be able to meet the emergency?
  Jiang Xuening pointed like this, but he was worthy of it.
  She didn't think she could do anything.

  After saying this, he turned around with his eyebrows closed, called Shang Tang'er, and left this courtyard.

  You, Fang, was the only one left in the room, looking at her receding back with blurry teary eyes, then lowered her head, looked at the purse in her palm, and slowly clenched it.

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